Where do Arab Americans Live?

Top 10 States by Arab American Population

AA Demographics Map1. California - 1,324,500

2. Michigan - 824,000

3. New York - 755,700

4. Texas - 464,000

5. Florida - 436,300

6. Illinois - 393,500

7. New Jersey - 368,500

8. Ohio - 300,400

9. Massachusetts - 265,100

10. Pennsylvania - 210,400

Selected Population Characteristics

  • AAA estimates that at least 9 million Americans are of Arab descent.
  • Arab Americans live in all 50 states, but two thirds are concentrated in 10 states; one third of the total live in California, New York, and Michigan.
  • About 94% of Arab Americans live in metropolitan areas. Los Angeles, Detroit, New York/NJ, Chicago and Washington, D.C., are the top five metropolitan areas of Arab American concentration.
  • Lebanese Americans constitute a greater part of the total number of Arab Americans residing in most states, although in Georgia, New Jersey, and Tennessee, Egyptian Americans are the largest Arab group.
  • The largest Arab American community in Arizona is Iraqis, Rhode Island has a plurality of Syrian Americans, and Nebraska and South Dakota have a plurality of Sudanese.
  • While the largest Palestinian population is in California, the greatest concentration of Palestinians can be found in Illinois.
  • There are almost as many Iraqis living in Michigan as there are living in California, even though California is over three times larger than Michigan.

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AAO is the only Arab organization that does not belong to or present a specific region/religion, but representing all Arab nations’ communities in Arizona.

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