Ashraf Elgamal

He’s the visionary of this landmark organization. Year after year, Mr. Elgamal continues building support within and beyond the Arab American community. On top of contributing to humanitarian and charitable causes, and due to his many accomplishments in the Arab American community, he was repaid for his hard-earned efforts with many awards. Through his hard work and dedication, he aspires to make this world a better place, one step at a time. He’s an indispensable asset to our community and continues as his mission grows greater with every passing year.

  • President of the Arab American Organization.
  • Co-Chair of Phoenix Police Advisory Board.
  • 2017 Outstanding Man of the Year Award.
Ashraf Elgamal, the founder
Ashraf Elgamal handshaking with the congress majority leader

With large network connections within the private & governmental sectors, he was able to support and grow the organization’s humanitarian and charitable programs.

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